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Website and web application

Web application development requires programming skills and knowledge of programming language such as HTML5, PHP, JavaScript, CSS3, and so on. The difference between these two concepts lies in their functional constituent, in the purpose and the way visitors see it. Sometimes our business partners do not clearly understand what improvements should be done. And in this case our website development company certainly can help to determine the modern trends of web sites and implement the user’s preferences tests. Our IT consultants can help you determine the best software solution based on your needs. And now we can help you catch the difference between website and web application.

Site development

The site is primarily an informative promotional function, defined by static content, multiple pages linked between each other, presenting the same information to all users. The perfect examples of websites are news and brochure sites, and blogs. Such IT products are more about front-end programming, but they also may have a sophisticated backend which quickly change content.

Web-based application creation

Web-based applications can visually resemble ordinary sites but they are more dynamic and respond to user input. Their main goal is to perform the tasks requested by a user. Accomplishing a task by a user, it provides individual data according to the specifications of each user. Spreadsheets, Google Docs and Collaboration Calendars are typical and well-known examples of these applications. Apps are more involved in using the back-end encoding of the server-side scripts. You can manage and store large amounts of data efficiently and quickly and perform a range of operations.


In short, simple pages are designed to display information about one and the same data to the visitor while applications are the program which perform the task and interacts with users. Feature-rich pages may also have an integrated application that provides information and task execution for the visitors. This integration allows your company to keep users on the site for a longer period of time and bring them back when they need its functionality.

What defines a good web developers?

As companies found the power of online presence, the demand for web development companies has increased significantly, resulting in appearance of thousands of IT development agencies. Find a web design company which can meet the needs of your company.

Why hire a professional website development company

You may think that setting up a website is not a big deal, every second developer can design a website, so why search the entire development agency? Or even better, modern technology allows people to use the DIY creator without any coding skills. But in both cases, whether it is a freelancer or DIY builder, you run huge risk to get a low-quality product. The website boosts businesses online promoting them around the globe and increasing customers’ trust. It helps you make the first step in business, but bad design and buggy user experience can damage your reputation. Simple and template pages may be okay when you just get started but as you grow, you should consider redesigning it or developing a new one what is just an extra cost. The first impression of your site is the key to seizing and retaining potential customers. A few seconds are enough for the visitor to decide whether to stay or leave the page. If your site is still downloaded or totally unavailable, visitors give up checking it and go to your competitors who don’t have such problem with a streamlined, fascinating and working website. When a visitor leave, the search engine ranking is dramatically affected moving down in the search results. In addition to domain names and hosting, website development requires specific knowledge and tools as well as teams of experts in design, coding, analysis and other stages of the software development process. Only the best software company can guarantee the stunning functionality and creative look of web pages, not only to keep your customers on your site, but also in the future will return.

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Key principles of website design

Your website is a manifestation of your company and should have a design that not only enhances your brand but also reflects your corporate culture and values. The corporate website is the digital face of your business that can meet your potential customers. That is why the interface should make a positive first impression. The following are three key tips for web development that can help you attract users and stay focused.

Avoid being outdated

Understanding the latest design trends is good and implementing it in your network software, making the company as a forward-looking and up-to-date company, but that does not mean you should include all the trends on your company website Many visual elements fill it. Auditing is the key to Web development success. In addition, the sleek and elegant clean layout sometimes looks more noble and decent. Do not think of today’s trends which become obsolete the next year or two, because the trend is quickly out of fashion trend, and in it. Develop a website that keeps visitors always looking for timeless, intuitive and friendly aesthetics.

Put correct emphasis

The visual elements of the site and its contents must be integrated in the most effective way so that the design emphasizes the content and reveals its information. Web development is not only representative of the brand through the visual component, but also about the delivery of information, and usually in the form of content. You should pay attention to the content and make it vital for the help of the project. If visitors can not find what they need on your site to make it useless, then even the big projects do not let them re-prefer their closeness to their competitors.


Users are more into consumer demand on the Internet and are turning to their mobile devices. As a result, tablet usage has tripled since the end of 2013, while time spent in smartphones has grown to 78% in the last two years. Web development should consider the integration of responsive and adaptive designs which accommodate different screen sizes to provide a seamless user experience on both desktops and mobile devices.

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