Web Design UK: Website and App Development

We are a web design agency based in London. Our software engineers and web designers provide creative web solutions for website design and web app development to promote services, increase brand awareness and sales and improve customer loyalty.

We specialise in web design and custom web development for mobile phones and desktop computers. Our goal is to help you achieve your important results using attractive and technically complicated applications and websites. We will create and maintain effective websites and web-based applications and expand the business of our customers with the help of the Internet.

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Our Approach

We know that online presence is essential for the growth of your business. Your site becomes an online representative of your company and we strive to move the sky and earth attractive, informative and functional to respond to the identity and reputation of your brand. We will study your business and make the appropriate strategies for your business purpose. Such an association model not only meets the client's expectations, but also exceeds our design. We got the reputation of an experienced business partner and we are always ready to prove it.

Difference Between the Website and the Web-based Application

The concept of "web application" is quite confusing. An ordinary person who looks at a web page can hardly tell if it is a website or a web-based application. Websites are more useful, but web applications are complex from a technical point of view. A classic Internet site is a company's blog, the promotion site and the landing page. Examples of web applications include Google Maps, Google Docs and Web Mail that provide advanced features and user interaction. The website presents mainly information to visitors and web applications are responsible for more complex data processing and tasks.

  • The functions of the last website composed of HTML 5,
  • Responsive web design
  • Interactive features and rich user interface.
  • A wide range of functions, including the integration of audio and video players in browsers.
  • Offline mode using HTML5 local storage.

Web-based applications are more complicated. They concentrate on complex tasks such as sampling and analysis. You can also perform complex calculations, implement a database sample and perform data extraction on remote servers.

Websites and Applications for all Commercial Purposes

You can design clean and optimized websites for mobile devices according to the objectives of your company. In addition, by integrating the content management system (CMS), you can update the contents at any time when necessary. Our web designers worked with various industries in different UK regions around the world. From a simple and eye-catching booklet website to complex and versatile web applications, our web designer in the UK can find your right web design solution for you and turn your ideas into reality.

  • Our web design project in the UK covers the following industries
  • Finance
  • Travels and tourism
  • Logistics
  • Health care and many others

Create Valuable Sites for Small Businesses

If you just want to express your presence online and tell people about your business activities, you can design sites such as brochures and simple information about your company, products / services, customer voice, promotions, campaigns. I'll do it. It can act as a promotion site, catalog or blog. For example, in a women's magazine, we created a surprisingly attractive website that offers unique items of interest to women every day about beauty, style, health and other women.


If you want to sell products all over the world, our UK web designer can help you online, be it a large company or a self-employed entrepreneur with exclusive handmade products. All products can get their own page with detailed explanation, images, price. You can also add the "Add to cart" button to integrate the payment with the system of purchases by credit card or PayPal. By dividing the elements into categories and subcategories, site visitors will not face difficulties navigating in their online store. You can also offer discounts and other incentives to loyal customers on your website. In other words, we will create a personalized website that has what you want. We have already worked in the e-commerce industry and have been successful in the project so that the online shopping process is successful.

Booking of Websites and Programming

If you plan to work in the service industry that requires reservations such as tables, rooms, events, etc., you can respond online at any time 24 hours a day. A properly designed website can manage your business. Easily process everything through PC and mobile devices, such as the staff and services it provides, events and events, confirmations and reminders. You can also integrate a shopping system to pay for what you book, as well as those you booked with PayPal or a credit card.

Integrable Function

When applying for a web design company like us, make sure you can realize your idea with a beautiful design without damaging your imagination. We already said that you can integrate systems of purchases and reserves, but that is not our limit.


We are ready to update our website all the time according to the increasing demands of the client. But first and foremost is to fully promote the content strategy of your website. For that, we recommend that customers create CMS (Content Management System). You can integrate an easy-to-use CMS that will help you change the content of your site whenever you want. You can update, add, edit, delete photos, regardless of the article, contact information, product description or other content. It can be done with a simple and intuitive site administration panel without the knowledge of web coding.


You can let the location of your website be recognized. Your domain can provide more information to local users based on geolocation. By using API Geolocation, GPS, IP address recognition, the web designer makes the website recognize the geographical location of the user and provides useful local information. For example, you can get information about local promotional activities, view travel routes to the office and show nearby events.

Drag and Drop Function

Our web app developers can also implement "drag and drop" functionality to achieve a more visually appealing user experience and simplify the work of websites. Visitors to the site can move several items on the screen and place them on other items, even if they are icons of products, images, files or other data.

Social Networks

Social networks are an important part of marketing campaigns and help increase awareness of business activities, services and products. The integration of social networks in the design of the website is one of the most sensible ways to promote your business and improve website traffic. We can provide the following form of integrated social networks to your website and make it stand out:

  • Share socially and follow the button.
  • Start social session to expand user opportunities.
  • Social video to make your site more attractive.
  • Instagram image.
  • Social test.
  • Comment system based on social networks.

One of our standard approaches is to integrate the existing social profile of your company into your website. If you do not have one, we will create some for you. There are corporate profiles of the most popular social networks, such as LinkedIn, FB, Pinterest, Tw, Instagram, etc.

Data Storage

To perform data storage, developers can use both the web storage API and the indexed database API. With these two APIs, web applications can accurately process information, store it and transfer it securely from the remote server to the user's computer.

Our clients

Easy to Use and Easy to Ese Design
According to statistics, people increasingly use mobile devices online. More than 40% of sales are made through mobile devices. Internet consumption by smartphones increased by 78% in general. These figures should prepare you for the fact that more than half of visitors to the site can find it on their smartphone. In addition to the fact that the mobile optimization of your website is important to us, Google has already cited us as one of the elements of the mobility classification, so the websites optimized for mobile devices are Google searches. The result is high, close to the visitors.
UI / UX Design
Your website is perfect for UI / UX designers. We believe that websites should be attractive and attractive. With incredible visual and graphic effects and an easy-to-use user interface, it can attract the attention of visitors. We will make full use of it, navigate and use commercial functions and services. However, attractive designs that are not easy to use or intuitive do not work. The design of UI and UX is a combination that makes the site a success. By designing the user experience, you can easily create easy-to-use designs that are easy to understand. This can be easily navigated along with a fantastic user interface design that users will return to the website.
Mobile Version vs Responsive Design
We will create a custom design for your website or application, but we will not remind you of the templates or attract potential customers. Our UK designer offers you some designs until you find something that suits you. We know how important it is to be friendly to mobile devices, so we can create a responsive design that can handle any resolution and screen size. Of course, you can also do this if you want to create a mobile version. The mobile version is preferred for the responsive design because it is customized for mobile devices, provides a better user experience and has a higher Google rating for faster loading. But at the same time, it requires more coding and maintenance, as well as the website itself, making it more expensive to create a mobile version than a responsive design.

Let's Talk!

We are designing and developing excellent websites and custom web applications to create the best online marketing strategy for your business. Our company team is an expert in web design in the UK and around the world and we are doing everything possible to be successful. We are constantly applying new technologies to innovative and profitable web solutions.

  • Passionate. We will find a unique software solution that will pay attention to the details of your business.
  • Skill and experience. We have experience in many industries and use many techniques to obtain better results. We can realize what you want.
  • B2B. We want to consider your business and support its growth and success. We will learn about your business objectives and look for the best way to satisfy them.
  • Aim for efficiency. As a tool to attract the attention of the clients, I am focusing on UI / UX and friendly design for mobile devices.
  • Trustworthy. We guarantee not to leave it in the middle of the project and make sure that your web software is of quality with the quality control team.

If you are looking for a website company in the UK, the staff of our web design agency would be happy to know you and your wonderful idea.