Business & Utility


Our customer came to us to develop a web-based application for calculating the price of his services. Since our customer provides tailored services, he can not provide a fixed price and was looking for a web tool that will let site visitors calculate price for their particular case. An intuitive user interface provides easy to use calculator that configures the price of the service based on visitors requirements.

First Aid

A pharmaceutical company approached our development team to build a mobile application that could help people with the choice of the over-the-counter medicine products considering the symptoms of the patient. The app is dedicated to the search of the first-aid-medicine for mild and acute ailments. The main aim of the program is to eliminate the confusion related to unawareness of medical products and help to select an appropriate medicine based on patient’s symptoms.

Online Courses

One of our recent development cases was dedicated to e-learning platform that unites teachers and students all over the world making education more accessible. The platform provides to user’s roles enabling students to take online courses and get teachers’ feedback and letting teachers offer their classes and sell the educational materials. Besides, employers can also register on a site and collaborate with teachers providing their employees with professional training and skill improvement practice.


Once we had a project of an app dedicated to beauty services which offers access to the on-demand beauty services. The app was targeted at Android and iOS platforms ensuring first-class user experience for both operating systems. The program includes categorised catalogue of services and plays marketing and promoting roles enabling social sharing and informing users about various discounts and offers providing exclusive coupon codes.

Book a Cab

Our client, a transportation company, approached us to create a handy transportation tool that can automate taxi booking procedure with minimal human intervention. We integrated GPS functionality and route commuting algorithms so that app could track the location of users and ensure the most convenient routes from the current location to the destination. Besides, users can create their profiles with rides and perform instant payments.

Favourite Brand

A chain store of brand clothes came to us with an idea to create a great mobile user experience and attract more customers with a discount application. The app present shop collection in a categorised manner offering users intuitive navigation via an advanced search. Besides, those who order things via app get informed about all available deals, offers and discounts. Our developers also integrated a secure payment gateway letting users pay for their orders via PayPal and credit cards.