The Leader among iPhone App Developers: Smart Design for Advanced Businesses

Our digital agency is one of the leading iPhone app developers in the industry. We focus on combining abundant functions with an excellent design. In our software development company, developers and designers with dedicated talent handle all ideas, to attract users to contribute to the success of the company, which can be implemented in a smartphone app for Android and iOS.

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iPhone App Developer handles Arbitrary Tasks

We are the developers of mobile strategy, design, programming and web and mobile to provide a wide range of services including deployment, offering first class solutions to bring a new level of business to customers. Our headquarters is located in London, United Kingdom, and has many bases in several countries of the world. Therefore, you are more likely to find a language in common with our team.

Develop an App that Adds Value

The company creates applications to increase productivity and expand the large customer base to sell products and services. Our goal is to provide innovative solutions in the effort to implement all the latest technology, it is always easy to use draw an efficient software and eye. Here our iPhone developers are helping you create a wonderful program that will change the way your customers experience mobile use. Our goal is to establish a long-term partnership based on mutual benefit, and we are trying to communicate closely with our customers. Our experts will inform you about all the steps in development. We are more interested in the success of the company than what it is doing. After all, it is an opportunity to demonstrate our experience and excellent reputation.

How did it Start?

In 2008, when Apple's app store started, it seemed quite different from the current mobile market. The mobile industry is a rapidly changing environment, and when innovative features appear in one of the apps, it is a true child. Over the years more and more applications have appeared, intense competition is taking place in the software development business.

Recently Developed Technology

Each new technology offers multiple opportunities for the iPhone app developers. Our team constantly captures new opportunities and implements these sophisticated functions in the first. When the App Store was first created, there were about 500 apps. When you open the store today, you will be surprised at the number of applications approaching 2 million. The iOS mobile operating system exceeds the expectations of the users and the expert iPhone developers. The new version of the platform that is released regularly by Apple, since many of the new features are installed, the developer must incorporate the best applications for the client.

Android or iOS: Where do you Start?

Although there are fewer iOS devices than Android-based devices, Apple's App Store is generating more revenue than Google's Play Market. According to statistics, App Store generates more revenue for each program compared to Play Market. Therefore, if you want to obtain economic benefits of your products from a purchase in the app and the paid version, App Store is the perfect market to issue it.

Play Store and App Store

Have you already decided which of the two platforms to choose? The most used programming language in the Android operating system is Java. Speaking of Apple, the main language of the iOS is Objective-C. This is very similar to the C language and the C ++ language, but you can worry about the head if you know it, you will have to approve all the programs before the public at the same time Play Store.

Cost of Software Development

The difference is visible, but the development costs of both platforms are practically identical. So, if you intend to invest money, why not invest it in the most profitable market? How much does it cost to build an iPhone app? In fact, the price depends on many factors, and varies from one project to another, so it is impossible to know. It is impossible to predict the time that the team must spend on each solution, and the risk must also be included in the costs. With the ideas in mind, if you do not want to know how much it costs, put us a single line and calculate the approximate cost of your app.

iPhone Design Cost

The design is an important aspect of ROI, since it determines whether the product will attract your customers. The design stimulates conversions, offers a superior user experience and allows users to spend more time on the app. Once you develop excellent features, you must think about the design. Because this guarantees and integrates your technical achievements. You can hire a free web designer, but the choice of iOS software is to find a designer for the iPhone app who knows the content of Apple's design guidelines. The design is usually packaged as software development. Buy the necessary files. They include all screens, icons and other graphic materials for future apps. You may be surprised, but if you develop both iPhone and iPad, the icons will have to be created in about 4 different sizes, so you will need many images.

Approximate Cost

The gross price and the design of the iPhone are the following:

  • iPhone only - $ 1,000 - 25,000 - For this amount, you can get a very basic layout that you can send to the developers to implement it with the code. Here are some tips to save time and effort. Ask the developer how to name the file before sending the file.
  • iPhone 6 Plus: a cost of 25% was added. All images should be resized to fit the height of 2208 x 1242 pixels.
  • Compatible with iPad: add 50% of the cost. If you do not want to spend too much, you will move to a very simple user design and flow. Anyway, as you probably have to change the app's functionality to adjust the size and speed of the iPad, the cost is even higher, since new designs are also needed. Keep in mind that most iPads have a Retina display. As the image of the retina can become large, check the size of the file in the code before mounting it.
  • Design is very important, so if you do not ignore it, the investment will eventually benefit. Please, think about the strategy to obtain the maximum ROI and invest in it. If you publish your app, the payment will begin without paying a lot of effort in the promotion, but real benefits will soon be provided.

Custom iPhone Design

Make your boldest business ideas vivid. The key to the success of any app project is the team of developers that work on it. When choosing the developer of your iOS app, iOS design is a very special field of digital technology, so be careful with your skills. Our talented and ambitious team of iPhone developers and designers develops their ideas in high-quality applications for iPhone with custom features and an intuitive interface. Using the extensive experience of the iOS platform, we will provide solutions that fully meet the business personality of our customers and meet customer expectations.

iPhone Development Service that we Offer

  • Estimated cost
  • Customer survey and feedback analysis
  • Software requirements specification.
  • Prototyping;
  • Quality control and tests.
  • Mobile marketing

How can we Help Business Growth?

  • Verify the viability of the idea
  • Write a powerful code for the iOS platform
  • Create an intuitive and easy-to-use design
  • Brand design
  • Collect comments from users using unnatural business analytics

Our clients

Mobile consulting

Creating a mobile app strategy is an important stage in the development of the app and can not be ignored if you want the process to be fluid and effective. This applies to small local businesses, large international companies and ambitious new companies. The mobile strategy builds a large base and enthusiastically motivates the team to achieve it. Generally, the following procedures and services are included.

Market Study
Market analysis is essential for companies that seek niches among thousands of other organizations. Our developers are constantly capturing the latest advances in the industry to ensure the long-term success of their clients.
Analysis of Competitors
By reflecting on the pros and cons of competitive business and forecasting how to expand in the future, we will create a mobile strategy that will make the app very relevant and visible.
Create User Person
By creating a portrait of your clients, your lifestyle, hobbies, customs, favorite truths, we put ourselves in our place, coordinate and compromise the apps, attract them, can cause the desire to return home.
Key Performance Indicators
By identifying the KPI, you can manage the progress of the project and the progress made by the client.
Functional Specification
Before continuing with the creation process, our developers discuss the requirements with the client and choose the technology, methodology and app functions that will be implemented.
Participation of the Client
Another aspect of the mobile strategy is the development of a comprehensive plan for the acquisition and retention of users. Our professionally trained professionals use various tools and techniques to connect with customers and promote the conversion rate of mobile apps.

Enterprise iOS development

The iPhone App Store grew steadily as more companies wanted to reach the largest audience of smartphone users and wanted to develop their mobile apps. Mobile applications not only provide opportunities to improve customer loyalty, but also allow you to gather valuable data about customers. With high software and hardware standards guaranteed by Apple, iOS has become the most popular mobile operating system. First-class applications and large profits ensure a rapid return on investment and secure sources of revenue.


If you need to create bespoke software development or mobile-friendly website, or any other IT services, our developers will help you make the most of the iPhone market. We are crystallising solutions that match the needs of your business and help you bring to life great projects.