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A well-crafted business application can fundamentally improve the company performance. First class developers are ready to provide you with a tailor-made app. Expert programmers have been engaged in IT development for many years and love to realize new digital ideas.

Business IT specialists

We serve to create and support mobile and web programs designed to win the hearts of our customers. If you've ever thought of "I have an app concept," these developers are just waiting for you to share it with.

About Us

The development company was founded in 2010 since then we have been able to meet the needs of many clients. Competent developers have acquired the understanding of common management matters and thanks to consistent practices of bespoke development, proficient developers deliver first-class digital business products.

The creed of our team includes several principles:

  • Continue to make every effort to meet customers’ demands
  • Be responsible for the end result
  • Ensure quality control
  • Never stop self-improvement

By following these simple rules, app developers are moving forward, assisting customers in achieving their goals. It is essential for us to reach these standards because if you ignore at least one of them, developers won’t be able to meet client’s expectations.

Our way of working

We believe in close cooperation and interaction as an important part of success. Each of the tasks we have are allocated different parts of the development team:

  • The business analyst explores and validates the project prospects to ensure you will benefit from it. Explore ideas, investigate related issues, make every effort to bring ideas to life.
  • Developers, according to customer requirements, carefully code IT-product.
  • Designers create an easy-to-use, sophisticated and elegant user interface.
  • The personal project manager is always here to talk about the progress and transfer client’s feedback to the developer explaining what changes are required to make everything perfect;
  • The quality assurance engineer examines the application in the development workflow and ensures the product excellence on all targeted device.

Create the perfect application

Before you start to move the application development, at least in your final avatar, the production software to find out how it works. It does not seem complicated but it certainly requires certain talent and experience to do so, especially on a regular basis. The greatest commercial application builders have already studied this routine with the heart, but there is usually a field of experimentation and new methods in the discipline.

Our clients

Generate Profit via App

Our business application developers have mastered many of the ways that mobile apps are used in the enterprise, but most marketers are still pursuing strategies that allow them to make money from applications. The easiest way is the merchant: they just need to upload orders and continue to promote their applications. Most site owners place ads on their products or provide extensions at a small cost. The model is called "free value-added", it is in recent years, one of the cornerstones of mobile software development. However, most organizations today are looking for new capitalizations.

Advantages of business applications

Nothing will make the company an appropriate application for fast and efficient. Your business does not matter - you may encounter a problem that should be solved. Orders, transportation, logistics, loyalty programs and internal workflow technologies - the only restriction on mobile applications is your imagination and resources. In contrast, they will retain and automate the functionality of your business, which will make you a fortune. The key to the success of your product is finding the right IT developers. You must ensure that you are and understand that they are your handicraft professionals.

Competitive Advantage

Even if you do not see a way to increase your revenue by applying IT, it may be a gain for your business in the pont of decreasing the time for each of the orders via automation of reporting and overall management procedures. So, you’ll get the decrease of the cost.


The opportunity to carry ecommerce anytime, anywhere may seem very attractive, but there can be two ways. In case, you have a group of operators who need to visit the city several times a day. Using the right software, you can track your activities and precisely set the route around the entire city, focus on customer strategy development issues. Or, suppose you have a group of in-field workers who need to be access workspace remotely. In this case, mobility is the key to understanding how they spend their work hours.


Nowadays, mobile phone programs are not only portable, but with the Internet connection, they are everywhere. In particular, the new "cloud" product allows you to place business data in the workflow. The basic idea is that the "cloud" - the concept of a remote server, where all information is properly stored, ready to use. In addition, most modern cloud services let you run the current file, even if there is no web connection.

Evaluation of incorporated public

Most products use FB accounts, and most programs receive non-public information about their users. Using this information can track customer demographics, your daily time in software, location, and so on. With these statistics, you can track the pulse of the software and operate it as you need it. In addition, most app stores have their own comment structure, so that you periodically identify the errors you want to recover and the features you must add.

Compatibility with business data

If the developer creates an application to enhance the existing commercial processes and systems, one of the things that is not always obvious is that mobile software is built from scratch and is based entirely on the needs and data provided. It can also be synchronized with employee information that has been added to the company cloud. Every time you start a new project, you do not need to create a separate, non-adjustable database - just let us know to integrate it with the previous software.

Productivity Control

If you have a large company that has nothing to do with direct sales or any consumables, asking to build an application may be illogical, however, your company may also require productivity and control of your employees. With the right software, you can monitor employee productivity and allocate your tasks directly across the corporate network, which is critical when you need to store and diversify all records in one place.

Our Advantages

As an experienced business app developers, Magora company, can also help you estimate the risks and costs of future software development and implement your vision in advanced digital product.

Our developers encourage strict management directed at meeting the expectations of our customers. Designers, programmers and software architects combine their ability and intelligence to form an effective tool which help you reach your goals and hopes.

We are a team senior certified developers with wealth of expertise in IT development. And we love dealing with challenges helping our clients to overcome their business problems.

If you do not know what you need - do not worry, that's where our developers are ready to assist. Experienced and skilled IT team will guide you through the entire development process. Get in touch and have the opportunity to sneak into the ocean with the brilliant app!