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How App Developers Can Benefit Your Business?

If you have any creative idea about how to add value to your business via a mobile app, it is high time to bring it to life. Our professional app developer’s team is ready to help.

Mobile Application Developers UK

Are you looking for mobile app developer for hire? We are an app builders UK team, based in London. Our mobile application development company provides iT services for businesses all around the world. Over long years of experience we have gained a solid background in app design for both large and small companies.

Our mobile software company is packed with brilliant developers staff who truly love what they do.

Planet Of Mobile Phones

Digital revolution has already come and we are the first ones to reap the benefits of innovative mobile technologies. Around 90% of all people on our planet own a mobile phone. And by the end of 2017, over a third of the world's population will own a smartphone. Statistics demonstrate that mobile usage has already exceeded desktop and laptop usage, and mobile phone has become the number one device for browsing the Internet and performing other everyday activities, like listening to music, reading books or playing games. Smartphones provide many opportunities for business owners as powerful tools for business growth and productivity enhancement.

We Create Successful Mobile Apps

We can boast a highly efficient approach to app development that makes us stand out from thousands of other app developers in the UK. We closely communicate with each of our clients, keeping them informed on every step we take from app inception to post-launch optimisation. Our trained specialists always aim at perfection - they plan, design, program, manage, test, optimise and improve until flawless results are achieved. We have a wide portfolio of successful projects that have gained international recognition and brought enormous value to their owners.

A Team of Software Creation Experts

We can boast a team of skillful specialists in every possible area of software development. We have experts for iOS and Android and web developers, designers, UX/UI testers, project managers, quality assurance specialists and marketing consultants to help you build a perfect bespoke software. These multiple skills enable us to create various IT solutions for any industries. Our expertize include development for Android smartphones and tablets, iPhone, iPad, iPod, Windows Mobile and many more. We also build web applications, mobile websites and optimize existing web solutions for mobile. We offer our bespoke software development services for businesses who wish to stand out from the crowd and increase profits.

Affordable Applications for Small Businesses

According to studies, the average person keeps their smartphone no more than three meters away at any time of day. Mobile technologies have truly become an indispensable part of our lives. We use them to manage our daily routine, complete workflow tasks, chat with friend and relatives, browse the web, make photos, keep a diary, study, play games, read books, create, do shopping, make phone calls, watch films, listen to music, record video, navigate, do sports, monitor health and have fun. It is hard to believe that nowadays we can do all these activities with the help of one single device that fits in our pocket.

The Power of Mobile

It is no surprise that mobile apps are the most effective business tools of the modern era. Statistics show that 2014 was the year when mobile usage finally triumphed over desktops. People no longer read newspaper ads or listen to radio commercials. Google experts say that most of the searches are made from smartphones, especially when it comes to local businesses. Even TV ads have lost their efficiency. Actually, almost 90% of people use their mobile phones when they watch TV. Today mobile commerce has become one of the biggest business trends - small businesses and large corporations all over the world optimise their websites for mobile and launch their own native applications. If your business still has no mobile presence, it is high time you entered the world of mobile apps.

Business App Functionality

Native applications enable your business to reach out to a whole new audience. Native apps are mobile applications developed for a specific mobile operating system, the leading ones being Android and iOS. Users download such apps from app stores, install them on their phones and add their icons on the menu or the home screen. Keep in mind that the average person looks at their mobile device more than 100 times a day. It means that your business branding will make its way to their subconscious thanks to a tiny icon on their screen. So you can be perfectly sure that they will not forget you and will turn to you rather than to your competitor who does not have an app.

Why Mobile Presence is Important?

The business persona you create for the application is no less important than the one you create to advertise yourself to the customers who visit your business establishment in the real word. That is the reason why the app company Magora always pays great attention to user experience, making web and mobile app design as user-friendly, visually appealing and entertaining as possible. We build quality web, tablet and smartphone app, that users absolutely love.

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