From a Garage Startup to a Global IT company

Today our software development company is believed to be one of the most popular providers of web and mobile app development services.

Far back in 2008, we were just a bold garage startup of talented and creative freelancers who united to create eCommerce platforms for our clients. In 2010, we officially established our IT company and extended our services to web design and mobile app development. Since that time, we have started to grow at rapid-fire pace attracting young specialists and experienced senior developers ensuring that these people share our passion for information technologies and want to make innovations more accessible via sophisticated and powerful applications. Now we have steady partnership relationships with business all over the world serving as a trusted IT partner who knows how to achieve desired results.

Bespoke Solutions that Drives Results

We offer tailor-made solutions based on client’s requirements and users’ expectations ensuring that our products meet customers’ business needs and help them to reach their goals. Utilising innovative technologies and years of experience, we ensure timely delivery and cost-effective results. Our Business Analytic department carefully studies your workflow, challenges, and market and helps you to define core functionality that will fit your needs.

Why us

We have a stellar reputation among app developers, and we managed to gain it thanks to adhering to our key principles, which are the following:

  • Complete Transparency. Neither we enwomb ourselves in complicated technical terms, nor we hide the development process from you. We always strive to speak plain English and ensure that you have control over the development of your program.
  • Uncompromised Quality. We have a whole department with experienced and competent QA experts who guarantee the highest quality of the product starting with pre-development analysis and testing the app throughout the development lifecycle.
  • Professionalism. We love what we do, and that is what helps us stay on top. We continuously research about upcoming technologies and top-notch innovations to provide solid software solutions.