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Understanding iOS app development

Our app developers for hire are based in London, and we specialise in iOS app development. We create business apps for companies to increase their productivity and satisfy their needs.

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How to get an app made?

  • To develop an application with your own hands, using iOS app templates and development tutorials;
  • To create an app with the help of professional iOS developers.

Before estimating all the pros and contras of the both approaches, let’s go deeper to some of the aspects. First of all, here is an expert conclusion about the comparison of programming apps for iOS and Android.

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Why iOS?

If you ask professional app developers what platform they prefer for building apps, their answer will be iOS. The largest part of those who make apps on Android are either forced to do it by their employer or have already been developing in Java, and it became the only reason to transit to Android. iOS based app development is perfect for creating a protected application for a company. Claiming that the iOS platform is better requires certain reasoning, and here they are.

The development time

The developers who are successfully designing apps on both of the platforms confirm, that Android is the one which requires much more time. The general process of development for iPhones and Android smartphones is the same but has a difference in hours of work, based on the demands to be well established on hundreds of Android-based models of devices with different screens, resolutions, and other technical aspects. When it comes to work hours, the design of an iOS app requires averagely 28% less than an Android one. Such a long and exhausting process results in more complicated quality assurance tests and wider ranges of work on Android apps.

OS version dependency: iOS and Android

According to Google data, 0.7% of users use Android Marshmallow, the newest version of the OS. While 36.1% still have Android KitKat, which is three years old. A developer has to design a product in such a way that it will suit seven or eight versions of each browser. The problem is getting worse with all the variety of Android devices. Each of them has its own screen size, resolution, and other specific features, and the app should look and work equally well on any of them. If you are interested in iOS data, then you should know that 76% of iPhones run iOS 9. Impressive, isn’t it?

Maintenance cost

Both iOS and Androids apps need continuous support after being released. But iOS devices help you reduce the cost of maintenance. It has a simple explanation. It ‘s hard to design an app considering all the individual features of different Android devices, but further app support is no easier. Primary brand owners, like Samsung, Sony and LG have the rights to add their own changes to the Android development standards. This leads to unpredictable behaviour of different models of smartphones on Android.

User preferences

Consumer Intelligence Research Partners report that 26% of those who purchased an iPhone 6s and 6s Plus used Android phones. The statistics is quite similar for iPhone 6 and 5s. Such tendency can be explained by the iOS reputation as a secure, stable and usable smartphone with high-quality apps. The iOS platform is more stable and invulnerable. The companies that want to equip their employees with high-quality gadgets, first of all, look for Apple hardware.

Developer tools

Coding isn’t essential for creating an app. Today there are so many free apps and game making sites which require no coding skills. But integrated development environments (IDE) like Android Developer Studio and Apple’s Xcode make much more qualitative and attractive apps. And if you ask which one of them developers like more, it is Xcode. There are many issues that app designers point out:

  • Xcode WYSIWYG above Android’s XML layout control
  • Inefficiency of Android’s Genymotion
  • Apple’s and Android’s developer’s guideline conflicts, etc.

If you are ready to have some bugs in your application, this can be a value for money solution for your startup. And it’s a good time to learn, how to make an iOS app.

How To Develop iOS Apps?

There are several ways to bring your idea to life. If you have some programming skills and enough time to learn, you can develop an app yourself, if you don’t have time and are not willing to do it, you can hire professional developers. In both cases, you need to plan out the idea first. Otherwise, you can hardly realise your project. Here are some thoughts you should keep in mind before setting to the development process:

Your iOS App: The Main Goal

What is your app aimed to do? What problem should it solve? Whether you work in the finance sphere or the restaurant industry, you should develop an app that will help you to grow and progress. Try to be precise, write down a description of your app.

Coding Apps: The Functionality

Think out what features you need to implement to achieve the result that will meet your goals. Do you want to be in touch with your customers? Include something like a messenger or contact information. Do you want your clients to be aware of what is going on in your business? Add a news feed and push notifications. Do you want to give your customers ability to make reservations? Think out a reservation system, etc.

App Programming: The Strategy

What is the strategy of the app? Is it just a source of information about you? Is it a marketing tool? Is it an assistant app which helps to book a table or to make an order? Remember, that mobile application is a tool which aims to promote your business and helps you increase your productivity.

Design an App: The User Interface

The user interface plays a significant role in the promotion of your app and your brand. You need to create its layouts, themes, background, and buttons. The more user-friendly and intelligible it is, the better. If your customers don’t understand how it works and where to activate the feature they need, then your app becomes useless and inefficient.

Creating Apps Assets

You might need logos, graphics, and audio assets, take care of it before you start creating your app. If you hire our app building company, you will get guarantees and support for the created software. Our team consists of professional programmers and designers who are passionate about their work and consider our customers’ success as their own.

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